Programming should be a blast! This after school technology program aims to inspire and equip students to succeed in technology by focusing on computational thinking and coding. We offer students a range of classes to pick from, from coding fundamentals, intermediate and advanced coding, robotics, web development, digital art, film editing, line drawing, computing & math challenge, and more. Read below for descriptions of some popular classes.

General Programming Classes

Elementary School Students will be introduced to the essential building blocks of object-oriented programming and will be guided through creating fun, interactive stories and simple games. Students can let their imaginations run wild and learn how to make their own stories, games, and animations, while simultaneously being taught how to share their creations on the web with basic apps.

Middle/High School Students can choose to learn programming concepts to design their own apps or games, learn a high-level programming language like Java, Python, C and or C++ for real-world usage, or get started with HTML/CSS/Java Script as an introduction to web development and design.

Robotics Programming & STEM Classes

This course teaches an introduction to the basics of robotics using Micro:bit technology. Students will work on projects with these tiny computers, explore how hardware sensors and software interact, and learn how computer systems fit together to react to physical environments.

Art Technology Classes

For those who love art, design and technology, we also provide separate courses.

Digital Art Class – Students will create digital artwork using Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn to navigate and apply Photoshop techniques such as using digital brushes, layers, special effects, and finishing to create their own masterpieces. Students will learn image manipulation by using gradients, cropping, and colour modification. The class will also teach the fundamentals of digital illustration, hand lettering, and character design.

Film Editing Class – Knowing how to edit photos and videos is a useful skill in this digital age. Students in this class will learn essential camera techniques used in film, as well as software editing techniques, and the importance of sound in video editing. By the end of the course, students will be able to produce their own videos, and apply effects, sounds, and transitions in their own creative ways.

Line Drawing Class – This art series will guide students to develop a proficiency in line drawing and basic shading techniques. Students will learn how to observe objects before they draw, and will learn how to apply art concepts such as line techniques, proportions, layout and detail.

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